• Sweet Heat Gourmet Salsa 16 oz


    Sweet Heat from Two Ugly Mugs creators of The Original Habanero Salsa™ has a tantalizing flavor sure to tingle every one of your taste buds!  The flavor starts out with a hint of sweet deliciousness before you start to feel the perfect hint of heat.  The balance of flavor this salsa contains will excite your tongue in a way you never thought possible.  

    It may appear UGLY at first glance but it's the stuff on the inside that really matters. You know, what it's made of? Sweet Heat is All-Natural, contains NO artificial additives or preservatives, is a naturally Gluten-Free food, Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly!

    **Warning - this product is known to be highly addictive and can lead to many empty jars and shredded bags of tortilla chips. #GetUgly