• REAPER SALSA - Heat Additive Packet


    WARNING: This Sh*t is HOT. DO NOT open packets around children or animals!  Consume with caution! And wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom you filthy animal.

    Now that we've got your attention we've got a treat for anyone that calls themself a Hot Connoisseur, Heat Freak, Spicy Nut, Fire Breather, you know one of those 'I haven't tasted anything with heat since you thought ketchup was hot' types.  Grab a jar of our Muggin' Hot and mix in a Reaper Additive packet and you'll taste a salsa unlike any other.  YES, it still starts out with a hint of Sweet before it begins to Reap the souls of your taste buds. Our mix of dried Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper takes the heat of our salsa to a level that would make the Grim Reaper think he saw a Ghost. Yeah, it's stupid hot but damn it tastes good. #DontFearTheUgly

    On the other hand, or tongue for that matter, if you don't completely enjoy burning your face off... You don't have to mix a whole packet in.  We recommend starting with 1/4 packet per jar and gradually increase the amount of mix until you reach the desired heat level.  #ReapWhatYouSalsa