The Perella family has been gardening, canning and enjoying fresh, homegrown specialties for many generations. Our salsas originated from an end of the year garden harvest where we combined all the fresh ingredients together to make a batch of salsa.

Always cooking in large quantities for the family to enjoy, we prepared several pints from our end of the year adventure and gave them to family and friends. The feedback was amazing. We heard over and over how good the product was and that we had to start selling it.

Our original recipe has never changed and serves as the base for both of our salsas. The salsas are habanero based, along with many other fresh ingredients, that are blended perfectly together to make an explosion of flavor that will leave you coming back for more again and again! Our salsas are made for those who enjoy adding a kick to every meal or snack. Try some and you'll agree, two ugly mugs can create something beautiful.